Powers of Attorney: Special Powers of Attorney for a Parent or Guardian

A parent or a guardian of a minor or an incapacitated person has authority under Arizona Revised Statute Section 14-5104 to give another individual power to act for the minor or incapacitated person for a period up to six months:

A parent or a guardian of a minor or an incapacitated person, by a properly executed power of attorney, may delegate to another person, for a period of not exceeding six months, any powers he may have regarding care, custody or property of the minor child or ward, except power to consent to the marriage or adoption of the minor.


The Special Power of Attorney forms in the Library are written documents in which you (as a parent or guardian) designate another person to act as your agent to make healthcare decisions and take such actions that are necessary for the benefit of the minor or incapacitated person.

  • The Special Power of Attorney forms printed through in the Form Library must be:
    1. Signed by you, as the principal;
    2. Witnessed by a person other than the agent, the agent’s spouse, the agent’s children or the notary public;
    3. Executed by you as the principal and by the witness in front of a notary public; and
    4. Evidenced by the notary public’s official seal and certification.



  • An agent under a power of attorney has an obligation to act for the benefit of the individual who appointed the agent to manage his or her property. If a power of attorney is procured by the agent through intimidation or deception, that agent is subject to criminal prosecution and to civil penalties. See A.R.S. §14-5506.