Promissory Note Checklist

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Note/Warning: You will not be able to print a Promissory Note through the Form Library until you have all the information required in the questionnaire. All data must be submitted before the Promissory Note can be compiled and available for printing. If any data is missing, the information will be stored and you can log in at another time to complete the missing information and then print the document.

The following outlines the information required by the questionnaire you will complete to prepare a Promissory Note:

1. The lender(s) full name(s):


2. The address of lender(s) where payments are to be remitted (the address can later be changed by providing appropriate notice to the borrower):


3. The total amount of the loan being made to the borrower(s):


4. The amount of interest to be charged:


5. The date that interest will start to accrue:


6. The first date that a payment will be due, if to be made in installments:


7. The day of the month that each succeeding payment will be made, if installments are being made.


8. The date that the funds are to be repaid in full, if a demand note is being created to allow one lump sum payment in full at a fixed date; or the lender can elect the option to declare the amount due at a future time without fixing a specific date.