Power of Attorney Revocation: Information and Checklist

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Note/Warning: You will not be able to print a Revocation of Power of Attorney through the Form Library until you have all the information required in the questionnaire. All data must be submitted before the Revocation can be compiled and available for printing. If any data is missing, the information will be stored and you can log in at another time to complete the missing information and then print the document.

If you wish to prepare a revocation of a power of attorney, you should have in your possession the original or a copy of the power of attorney which you wish to revoke.

The questionnaire will request the following information about the power of attorney you wish to revoke:

  1. Your name;
  2. The agent named in the power of attorney;
  3. The date the power of attorney was signed;
  4. Was the power of attorney recorded, and if so:
    1. The name of the county where it was recorded;
    2. The docket and page number or the recording number on the recorded document.
  5. Enter information (such as the spelling of names, use of middle initials or full middle names) the same way it appears on the power of attorney which you will revoke.