Powers of Attorney: Informational Checklist

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Note/Warning: You will not be able to print a power of attorney through the Form Library until you have all the information required in the questionnaire. All data must be submitted before the power of attorney can be compiled and available for printing. If any data is missing, the information will be stored and you can log in at another time to complete the missing information and then print the document.

The forms of power of attorney in the Form Library are very straightforward and do not require a lot of different information.

  • Review the different types of powers of attorney and the authority that you are granting to your agent(s).
  • All forms of power of attorney in this Form Library provide that it is not effective until you are disabled or incapacitated.
  • Your agent cannot act for you as long as you are able to make your own decisions and act on your own behalf.
  • If you would like a power of attorney that is effective immediately, please contact Cautela Corporation for further assistance.

The questionnaires for the powers of attorney forms will request that you provide:

1. Your full name, as the person making the power of attorney.

2. The full name of the person you wish to act as your agent.

3. The full name of the person you wish to act as an alternate agent, if any.

4. There are several forms of powers of attorney in the Form Library where you can name family members to act as your agent. The questionnaire will ask you to state the family relationship, for example: husband, wife, son, daughter, uncle, sister, etc.

5. If you wish to prepare a healthcare power of attorney where you name two family members to act as joint agents, you must provide the full names of both individuals.

  • The standard language in the power of attorney form states that there is no requirement that the agents must act jointly, so if one of your joint agents is not available, the other can still make decisions.
  • This form also provides that: if one of your joint agents cannot to serve for any reason, the other agent shall continue to serve as your sole agent.
  • You also have the additional option of naming an alternate agent if both joint agents are not able to serve for any reason.

6. The healthcare power of attorney will authorize an agent to enforce a living will (do not resuscitate directive), if you have one, or if you wish to prepare one at this time. The questionnaire will give you a choice to include this option or to exclude it.

7. The questionnaire will ask for the name of the county in Arizona where you will sign the power of attorney.