Reciprocal Wills: General Information

Reciprocal Wills are Wills made by two persons in which they make mutual testamentary provisions in favor of each other.  The Reciprocal Wills in the Form Library are for married couples and provide the same estate plan for each spouse as described in the basic Wills for a Married Person. The forms are specific to circumstances in which the marital couple either:

  • have children common to the marriage; or
  • have no children; or
  • one or both spouses have children from a prior marriage; this Will has an election to include include children common to the current marriage, if any.

Please refer to General Information on Wills as well as the specific Will description for the circumstances which apply to you.

The Reciprocal Wills in the Form Library provide you an opportunity to prepare two Wills at the same time through the use of one questionnaire.  A discounted fee is also provided.