Your Documents

Your Documents

Your documents are stored and protected under your secure login. Each time you log into the site, you will see a list of any document or documents you are working on. The list will appear in table format, as this example shows:

Form Description Print Date Exp. Date
Quitclaim Deed Quitclaim for Cactus Dr. Home  2/1/2017  3/1/2017
Quitclaim Deed – Community Property with Right of Survivorship Quitclaim for Broadway Condo  1/15/2017  2/15/2017


Documents will be listed by the form type and the descriptive name you choose to give them. Clicking a document’s name will open it for you. Once you have printed a completed document, you will see the date the document was printed and the expiration date.

You can print your document again with no charge up to the date of expiration. This gives you the opportunity to make any corrections needed for 30 days from the date of original printing.